Spiritual Healers

Come get a healing and insightful communication from these Spiritual Healers.

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Great Circle Reiki

Karen Inda — Usui Holy Fire Reiki
Aviation Ballroom, Booth 9

A great circle is the shortest distance between two points on the globe. No matter where you are in the world, Karen can send you Distance Reiki, allowing you to feel deeply relaxed and healed. Stop by Great Circle Reiki's booth to meet Karen.

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Dr. Gary Douglas

Crystal healing
Aviation Ballroom, Booth 28

Overcome negativity and find a place of calm and balance within yourself in spite of negative people, places and things that may surround you. Dr. Gary Douglas, involved in energy healing for over 20 years, has helped thousands of individuals.

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Mary Delano Otis

Lifestyle Management Coach and Spiritual Healer
Aviation Ballroom, Booth 3

Mary’s unique counseling and healing style is informative, supportive, inspiring and easy to understand. The experience truly is a personal one as you take steps towards your own Life Mastery.

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Church of Inner Light

Hands-On Healings
Aviation Ballroom, Booth 10

Come get a very special and unique "Hands-On" Healing from our spiritual practitioners.

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Reverend PJ Chatterton

Psychic and Medical intuitive
Aviation Ballroom, Booth 18

Come experience a Shamanic Ceremonial Reading and Healing from Reverend PJ, who has trained with many indigenous teachers and shares their ancient knowledge with the modern world.

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