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Come see these Featured Seminars, free Workshops, and Entertainment at the Reno Spiritual Wellness Expo and Conference.

Featured Seminars are $7 each and are free when you purchase the Conference Package for $25.

Workshops are free and are included with your Expo admission.

Please check back as we add more to the Expo Event Schedule.

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Gvwi Music

Eric Ray
Saturday 11:00am — Center Stage

Eric Ray will perform his unique style of inspiring and uplifting Native American Flute music.

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Minstrel of Healing Music

Jim Eaglesmith
Saturday 1:00PM — Center Stage

As a Minstrel of Healing and a Sacred Storyteller, Jim’s music is his way of gently touching the Heart's longing for itself.

Inspirations for his presentations are inspired from Ancient Wisdom cultures who infused their stories with an indwelling Spirit gleaned from direct experience. With Music in his Soul, Jim endeavors to touch the Heart of Humanity through Loving service.


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The Crystal Singing Bowls Meditation Experience

Merilee and Jeff
Sunday, 10:00am — Free Workshop

Let yourself be surrounded by the resonant tones of the Special Alchemy series of Crystal Singing Bowls, created by melting pure quartz crystals at 3000-4000 degrees and combining them with various gemstones and minerals. The bowls vibrate with both their musical tones and with the frequencies of Amethyst, Citrine, Moldavite, Gold, Platinum, and more, facilitating a harmonization and balancing of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Most people report that they are able to go into a deep, sustained state of meditation while listening to the bowls.

Our crystal singing bowls are twelve sacred alchemy sound vibrational frequencies in which Jeff and Merrilee are honored to be the keepers and ringers of them.

Merrilee Burke is a certified Reiki Master, certified Sound Therapy Tuning Forks Facilitator, Certified Regeneration Healing Practitioner through Ken Graydon, and also uses Healing Touch in her sessions. She is a channel for the 'Sisters of Light' and Ascended Masters who choose to come through her during individual private sessions. As an accredited Montessori teacher, she has spent 20 years observing the spiritual journeys of many souls. She is also an author and invites you to enjoy her first book for children, Dreamcatcher Garden - A Sacred Journey. Merrilee’s vision is that all may be healed through light and sound vibrations that connect us to our inner wisdom and healing power.

Jeffrey Leep began his musical journey in the classical world as a bassoonist, and then broadened his horizons to become a saxophone, flute, and steel drum player with rock ’n’ roll bands. He currently is the principal bassoonist for the Reno Philharmonic, the President of Leep Entertainment, and leader of The World’s Most Dangerous Party Band and The Jeff Leep Orchestra.

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Grounding 101

Jeffery Davis
Sunday, 2:00PM — Free Workshop

Do you feel ungrounded, discombobulated, or a bit "beat up" at times?

No worries, help is at hand! Learn the simple and basic spiritual techniques to be more grounded, focused and centered and be less affected by the chaos around you.

Jeffery Davis is a Spiritual Teacher, Healer, and Clairvoyant at the Reno Psychic Institute.

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Trance Medium Channeling Event

Reno Psychic Institute
Sunday, 3:00PM — Featured Seminar

Bring your energy into present time from times and places you have left it due to trauma and experiences that have not been processed and integrated.

This is a healing space offered by a Channeled Spirit Healer specializing in time travel and soul retrieval.