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Come see these Featured Seminars, free Workshops, and Entertainment at the Reno Spiritual Wellness Expo and Conference.

Featured Seminars are $10 each or are free when you purchase the Conference Package for $25.

Workshops are free and are included with your Expo admission.

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The Fall 2018 Schedule

Friday — October 26

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Tools for Ascension

Reverend Peggy Stuart
Friday, 5-6:30PM — Featured Seminar
 — Conference Package or $10 at the door

Learn and use energy tools that make this energy work effective and safe. Activate grounding to create a sanctuary for spiritual transformation. Learn to validate and own your unique personal soul vision. Learn to clear and maintain space to empower your vision. Understand and receive a tool to process stuck energy in your space.

As an accomplished spiritual teacher at the Reno Psychic Institute, Peggy Stuart teaches and directs several spiritual training programs including training of beginners, clairvoyant students and teachers.

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Aura and Chakra Healing Clinic

Reno Psychic Institute
Friday, 6:30-8PM — Free Special Healing Space

Receive an aura and chakra healing. Bring yourself into present time to experience the spiritual growth available at the Expo. Set energy for your personal growth over the coming weekend.

With Reverend Peggy Stuart.

Saturday — October 27

Kiersten Wilday

Kundalini Yoga by Kiersten

Kiersten Wilday
Saturday, 10am — Free Workshop

Come enjoy the refreshing non-intimidating ease of Kundalini yoga.

This yoga is unique because it truly is for everyone, at any level! You need only a body and loose clothing! Every fitness level encouraged. Kundalini yoga focuses on preparing a body for meditation, healing use of breathwork, asanas (body postures), and deep relaxation to reduce stress!

Bring your yoga mat or use one of our towels that will be provided.

Laura Peppard photo

Ascension, Raising Your Energy

Laura Peppard, Founder of Reno Psychic Institute
Saturday, 11am — Featured Seminar
 — Conference Package or $10 at the door

This meditation and energy work is designed to raise your vibration. Learn the mechanics of how to raise your vibration. As you do this you will hit the energy and dynamics that knocked you out of that space last time. Now you are ready to process these energies that keep you stuck in low energy dynamics. These are the issues that reflect in your life and create your life experience.

Darshini photo

Is 'Hell' Really on our Doorstep?

Darshini In Spirit
Saturday, 12noon — Free Workshop

A fast paced & powerful workshop featuring:

  • Learn a truly life changing exercise to transform your future. (Be on time – we start with this!)
  • A few 2019 Predictions. (So many have come true over the years.)
  • 'Spot' Readings given to a few attendees.
  • Signs of a New Life coming in now!

Darshini In Spirit is an Internationally renowned CLAIR-COGNITIVE (Clairvoyant, Clair-audio, Clair-sentient, Taste and Smell …& other ESP gifts too), Medium, Psychic, Author, Futurist, Guest on T.V., International & Local Radio shows Motivational Speaker, Personal & Business Consultant, Reader & Healer, Empowerment Teacher & Lecturer

Alex Treglazoff

Ascending with the Angels

Alex With Angels
Saturday, 1PM — Free Workshop

Come enjoy the energy and healing of the angels and ascended masters with Alex Treglazoff-Dober. She will lead a very soothing meditation to help clear your energy and move any blocks to help you receive more spiritual help. During this extraordinary meditation, Alex with be receiving angelic messages and information for those that attend. You will be amazed and enlightened during this experience of ascending with the angels. All levels of meditators are encouraged to attend and messages will be given randomly during the presentation.

Alex Treglazoff-Dober is an angel intuitive that works on a higher plane to bring enlightenment and encouragement to those around her. She has dedicated her life to spiritual work and loves to help guide and teach other healers. She is amazingly accurate during her readings and enjoys helping others in this very special way. Alex and her husband, Michael, travel throughout the states preforming live music meditation shows for people and enjoy recording their healing projects as well.

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Unlocking Your Tarot Genius

Saturday, 2PM — Free Workshop

Have you ever wanted to explore personal development on a spiritual level or ever asked yourself, why am I here? Interested in helping others and earning more money?

If you answered yes or are just curious, then JacQuaeline will be giving insider secrets and demonstrations of how this powerful mystical tool can do three things

  1. Give you personal and professional insights and direction.
  2. Carry you to your next level of rapid person growth and empowerment.
  3. Increase your income through helping others. If done right, the reading process takes you to a new level of success.

JacQuaeline, new to Reno, was a CEO Coach for T. Harv Eker’s Peak Potentials Training Company for ten years. She has been a spiritual teacher, artist, intuitive reader and healer since 1982. She specializes in Evolution of Consciousness and Human Potential.

Laura Peppard photo

Clearing the Way

Laura Peppard, Founder of Reno Psychic Institute
Saturday, 3PM — Featured Seminar
 — Conference Package or $10 at the door

Take this step and clear the way! Use your energy tools to clear the neural and emotional pathways that divert you from experiencing the ascended space of higher vibration. Now raise your vibration and understand who you truly are.

Matthew Embrey-McClain

Altruism to Save and Change the World

Matthew Embrey-McClain, Energetic Creations
Saturday, 4PM — Free Workshop

Matthew will bring to light the idea around ALTRUISM and why it is crucial for us to adopt, with continued practice, this way of living so we may deal with many of our planets difficulties. Following the talk will be a Compassionate Mindful Meditation that you can use in your everyday life in order to remove suffering and the causes of suffering that one might be experiencing.

Kiersten Wilday

Soul Art—An Art Class for your Soul

Kiersten Wilday
Saturday, 5-6:30PM — Free Workshop

Would you like to let your Soul play? Come create a piece of art for your Soul!

The students will be guided into a new way to access their creative side from a meditative mind. No experience in art or meditation is needed This isn’t performance art. Relax to open to your own authentic creative flow! The class is fully guided into meditation during the first part of class to assist the brain into a deeper alpha state before starting the art steps.

Kiersten is a colorful Psychic Painter who paints her Healing Clairvoyant Readings by using art! She uses tools from her background as a lifelong artist, a massage therapist for two decades, a Kundalini Yoga Instructor, a professional Clairvoyant and a Chocoholic Mother of three!

Supplies are included.

Karen and Steve

Gallery Reading

Karen and Steve
Saturday, 6:30PM — Free Workshop

This time of the year you might think of satisfying your sweet tooth, how about satisfying your soul. Presenting Karen and Steve as they honor your request for yet another Gallery Reading in yes that Sweetest place of all the Reno Spiritual & Wellness Expo!

It's a perfect time to join in on the fall festivities and allow your inner child to delight in everything mystical. Wow, Wowy, Hold On, Who do you think is going to receive a Heavenly Message, could be you! So don't be a pumpkin on the vine. Get ready for Awesome and be prepared to be impressed! It should prove to be a Goulish Good Time.

Sunday — October 28

Singing crystal bowls photo

The Crystal Singing Bowls Meditation Experience

Merrilee and Jeff
Sunday, 10am — 12PM; Free Workshop

Let yourself be surrounded by the resonant tones of the Special Alchemy series of Crystal Singing Bowls, created by melting pure quartz crystals at 3000-4000 degrees and combining them with various gemstones and minerals. The bowls vibrate with both their musical tones and with the frequencies of Amethyst, Citrine, Moldavite, Gold, Platinum, and more, facilitating a harmonization and balancing of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Most people report that they are able to go into a deep, sustained state of meditation while listening to the bowls.

Our crystal singing bowls are twelve sacred alchemy sound vibrational frequencies in which Jeff and Merrilee are honored to be the keepers and ringers of them.

Merrilee Burke is a certified Reiki Master. She is an officially ordained Akashic Records Reader, wherein the Ascended Masters reveal their truth as needed for clarification on life experiences. As a Psychic Medium, loved ones who have transitioned may be contacted. She is an intuit for Angel Tarot Readings. Merrilee is a certified Sound Therapy Tuning Forks Facilitator, certified Regeneration Healing and Healing Touch I practitioner. Her and her beloved, Jeff, ring the twelve sacred Crystal Singing Bowls for a relaxing and healing meditative experience. Also, as an accredited Montessori teacher, she has spent 25 years observing the spiritual journeys of many souls. Parents may ask about their children through their readings. She is also an author and invites you to enjoy her first book, "Dreamcatcher Garden - A Sacred Journey". Merrilee’s vision is that all may be healed through light and sound vibrations that connect us to our inner wisdom and healing power.

Jeffrey Leep began his musical journey in the classical world as a bassoonist, and then broadened his horizons to become a saxophone, flute, and steel drum player with rock ’n’ roll bands. He currently is the principal bassoonist for the Reno Philharmonic, the President of Leep Entertainment, and leader of The World’s Most Dangerous Party Band and The Jeff Leep Orchestra.

Vickie Gay photo

Prophecy 100 Quatrains: Guidance

Vickie Gay
Sunday, 12noon — Free Workshop

Learn techniques tp expand your senses to tap into Wisdom of masters, teachers and loved ones crossed over into heaven. Tap into people here on earth. These methods have been proven successful time and time again in connecting with spirit and higher intelligence. Learn to use your intuition and get better readings.

This book is in quatrains as in olden times for reasons not making sense in this era. When I am taken into the future the information came to me just as I have written it. I start out by simple writing what happens to me in the moment, then go on to document future events flowing into my head. I fear if these future events came to me in any other modality I would be attracting myself to harm’s way.

I can’t stop! I am compelled by a force within me knowing this is the word of future I must spread to lighten the blows coming to the world. This work takes me away again and again and you must know it is what I want and welcome it. I am in control and I will not stop.

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History of Hemp

GEMM Farms
Sunday, 1PM — Free Workshop

Come learn about the history of hemp and the many uses and benefits of industrialized hemp products in a modern sustainable society in this informative and entertaining workshop.

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Grounding 101

Jeffery Davis
Sunday, 2PM — Free Workshop

Do you feel ungrounded, discombobulated, or a bit "beat up" at times?

No worries, help is at hand! Learn the simple and basic spiritual techniques to be more grounded, focused and centered and be less affected by the chaos around you.

Jeffery Davis is a Spiritual Teacher, Healer, and Clairvoyant at the Reno Psychic Institute.

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Trancemedium Healing Event — "Holding Steady in the Light"

with Laura Peppard and the Reno Psychic Institute Trance Mediums
Sunday, 3PM — Featured Special Healing Space
 — Conference Package or $10 at the door

Spirit to Spirit Healings from Ascended Vibration Masters.

They will reset your energy matrix to hold the Light and keep you on your path in the Ascended Vibration. You will "Hold Steady in the Light".